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Fact: In the U.S., 60% of digital media is accessed through mobile devices. To convert sales in this mobile economy, your website must be usable and engaging on phones, tablets, and even watches. Toss your desktop-only website out with your 8-tracks and cassette tapes.

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Having a Social media presence is no longer an option if you want to get your business in front of your potential customers. Let us create branded Facebook Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google +, Youtube accounts.

But it’s not enough to have a page. Content must be updated regularly to keep your followers interested and engaged. Couple this with targeted ad campaigns to boost your exposure and you can create a loyal following of fans interested in your business. Engaging Content + Effective Advertising = Customer Relationships = Profit.

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Beautiful Photography http://www.spiritmediaweb.com/beautiful-photography/ http://www.spiritmediaweb.com/beautiful-photography/#comments Fri, 23 Jan 2015 13:42:38 +0000 http://spiritmediaweb.com/?p=775 Sleek Images Sell.
A picture is worth a thousand words – and ugly pictures can cost you a thousand sales. Professional photography brands your business as legitimate, personable, and engaging. Sharp, bright photos give your site elegance, and the appearance of success – simply put, it’s just good branding. It relaxes the eyes, brightens the mood and emotionally endears your customers to you, makes them want to trust you with their hard earned dollars. If customers see you and like you, they will do business with you. Seeing is Believing.

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